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Monday, April 15, 2013

I am just going to do one big email to everyone.  Do not respond back to this email.  If you want to write back just start a new email!  Okay, so here we go...

I am serving in The West Valley.  I serve in the Granger West third, seventh and ninth wards.  My mission is even smaller than what I thought.  It only takes in Magna and The West Valley. There are only five zones, so I will probably get to see a lot of my mission.  

My companion's name is Sister Muldowney.  She is from "Philly".

My mission is different than any other mission in the world!!!  We are in a new pilot program and I am still trying to learn more about it.  We focus on fifty-fifty.  We are supposed to have equal amounts of baptisms and reactivation.  Reactivation is a huge part of my mission.  Something special about my district is that we are the only zone in my mission and world wide who does online prosyelating {not the greatest speller} besides temple square missionaries!

I am on the computer four days a week for four hours each day.  I have an account with "chat with a Mormon" and it is awesome.  I talk to people from all over the world.  I answer questions and we teach them lessons, it is so much fun!!!  To add to that, I can also skype with investigators.
So some funnies...

I have such beautiful voice!  
In conference last week, we were singing the closing song.  I am just minding my own business singing away and Sister Joseph - who tried to get me to sing all the time so she could hear my voice {I had warned her is was bad} - stops and looks at me in the middle of the song and says, "Sister, you weren't lying!  Your voice is hideous!  It sounds absolutely horrible!"  She can be very blunt.  So you know what I did?  I looked at her and smiled and then just belted out singing as loud as I could.  HA!  Lots of people turned and stared at me, but that is okay!  She could not help but laugh out loud during the rest of the song and some of the prayer.

My very first lesson!
I am thinking... what did I get myself into?!  My first lesson was... interesting.  The man we taught Brother [name removed] is an interesting man.  He served a mission and all, but has a hard time staying active.  I am not sure what his problem is, but something is wrong with him.  He has a big home but they only live in one room.  Just from seeing his home, I am 99% postitive that he is a hoarder.  He took us down to a little room downstairs where he and his two daughter live.  Yeah... he was in bed with his daughters.  We sat on the floor teaching a lesson to him.  It was so awkward and way uncomfortable.

Fast Forward Fast Sunday!
As you guys know, I am not the most patient person in the world.  The Lord seems to find ways to humble me everyday that I am out here.  I attend three sacraments!!!  Try attending three on a fast sunday!!!  Yeah, I did not think I could do it either, but the Lord knows I am not a patient person so I think he just pushed a Fast Foward button because dinner came before I knew it!!!

The jello story!
As you guys know, I am not the biggest fan of jello.  As Sister Muldowney and I were walking to dinner one evening I was telling her that I really do not like jello - it makes me gag.  We had dinner with the [name removed] family {three nights in a row this week... blehh}.  Anyways, she made us chili {which did not do nice things to my stomach}.  It was a hot day, so it did not sound good anyways.  She brings me a huge bowl of chili and I just stare at it and seriously have to pray to my Heavenly Father to get this down without heaving.  I actually find myself making deals with Heavenly Father often so I can have a strong stomach.  Well this chili has huge chunks of onions!!!  I HATE onions!!!  Not to mention the chunks of all sorts of peppers and some kind of mystery sausage.  I got it down... kinda.  I spit the chunks into my napkin with they were not looking.  As we were finishing up dinner, Sister [name removed] says "Oh crap!!! I forgot to finish making the jello!!!"  My companion looked at me and she said that I was just beaming with joy!  I knew I could not get jello down after that meal.  When I heard that I was like "Oh sweet heavens!!!  My Heavenly Father loves me so MUCH!!!"  In my head of course!  I can testify that your prayers are always answered!

The mission really does bless you in increadible ways.

I am about out of time, so I will share more next week.  Email me if you guys can. 

I am doing great!  I love my mission!  It is really hard, but it is worth it.  I love you all so much and miss you guys.

The Church is True!

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