The Time my Companion Went Nuts

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kia Ora Mum!  {Dear Mom!}
Kei te pehea kao?  {How are you?}  You would think I was called to speak another language!  Well, I am writing in Maori!  My companion, Sister Joseph, is from Auckland, New Zealand.  She is pretty amazing!  She is Maori and teaches a lot of her language.  Anyways... we have a lot in common.  She loves sports... especially running!  She loves to "opt shop", which basically means "thrift shop", but it is vintage thrift.  She is so funny and has more energy than anyone I know!  She loves hugs and sometimes kisses me on the cheek.  (Ha... getting used to that!)  Uh... she likes being really close and when she is eating something she really likes she usually shoves it down my throat.  Ha!  So she feeds me a lot.  Oh!  She gave me a necklace with lots of New Zealand candy!  It is delicious!  Ha!  Uhm... she loves making my bed for me.  {No complaints here!}
We are the only two Sisters going to Salt Lake City West on our missions.  We have two Elders in our mission too.  Elder Curtis and Elder Madsen.  They are both nerdy, but we like them.  The other two Sisters {Sister Smith and Sister Christensen and the four Elders; Bingham, Eiherst, Miller and Robinsen} are in our district, but are going to Nashville.  Oh!  Wait!  Elder Robinson is going to my mission.  So Elder Eiherst is our district leader and he is the spitting image of Tim except the blonde hair and blue eyes.  Same build, lots of freckles, hardly any hair, same deep voice, height, everything.  He also talks like him.  Quiet, calm and does not like attention.  He loves hunting and wants to become an an-stizy-olo-gist {cannot spell}.  It is pretty funny because he is so much like Tim.  Anyways, I get along with everyone.  Oh!  I am senior companion.

Tell Dad about Sister Joseph!  He will like that she is from New Zealand.

Honestly the days have been a blur!  Time goes so fast!  Today we taught the first lesson, did not get very far... but we just went with the Spirit.  "Todd", {the investigator} said he wanted to give us a hug, because it was the first lesson he has been in with new missionaries where it was completely taught with the Spirit.  Awesome experience!  Sister Joseph went into an empty room afterwards and went nuts!  Dancing, screaming!  Everything!  It was pretty funny!

Anyways!  My p-days are Thursdays!  I do not have much time.  So email Elder Heslop, or call Carolyn for me and have them tell him I probably will not have time to email for a couple of weeks.  Same goes for Mallory, Gert, Kristy, etcetera.  Oh!  Send me addresses and email addresses for everyone.  Heslops, Tim, Mallory, Gert, Kristy... everyone!  Well I have to go.  Sorry.

PS.  Send me food!  Chips, candy, anything!

Kei Te Arona Koe!  {I Love You!}

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