When All Else Fails, Pretend To Pray

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well most of you know about my companion and how cool she is!  I would love for you guys to send me pictures and letters!  I miss normal food, the MTC food is gross.  I have been good and I really do not have any awesome stories yet.

I do have p-days!  It is so nice to leave those white walls.  It does get boring sitting in the classroom all day.

Sister Joseph is amazing!  She gives me the best chocolate ever!  So yeah, she always knows what to say in class or when teaching so I usually look like a fool when I open my mouth.  But, the trick is when she talks and then it is my turn and I do not know what to say I just say, "I bear testimony that everything my companion said is true and I have pondered and prayed about it and the Lord has given me an answer!"... works every time!
I have also learned that sometimes I get really tired and when I cannot keep my eyes open I just fold my arms, close my eyes and bow my head for about 5-10 minutes!  Everyone thinks I am "praying" when really I am catchin' a few "z's"... works every time!

I sleep pretty good at night.  I drug up like two hours before bed, so then it is impossible for me to stay awake.

I am not a fan of waking up at the butt crack of dawn, but I will get used to it.  I have actually had the chance to run almost everyday and it feels so good to exercise.  Gym time is my favorite part of the day.  Our district usually plays volleyball together.

I am a lot more comfortable at the MTC.  The first few days were rough.

Oh!  The flight here was horrible!  I do not recommend flying with a head cold, the pressure from the plane makes it worse!

I had to sit in the back of the plane, and it was a super bumpy flight.  And it was so... hot!  All those old veteran men looked out for us, turns out most of them were members and temple workers or old bishops.  Other than me feeling like crap, it still sucked!  I feel lots better now, but the first few days I felt horrible!  I still have a cough, but I can finally breathe.

Uhm... I really do not know what to say.  I have said most of everything in other letters.

Hopefully I can print pictures tomorrow, we can only print on Fridays but I am not sure when I will have time.  We stay busy all day long.

Well I am doing really good!  Like I said I love my district and I do not want them to leave.  We all have become super close.

Elder Eibert is the one that reminds me a lot of Tim.  Elder Williams is our "DL" and he is a Momma's boy, he is super friendly!  Elder Bingham is seriously the funniest person in the world!  I cry from laughing every time he opens his mouth.  Those are the three going to Nashville.  Elder Robinson, Elder Curtis and Elder Madsen are sweet and very kind.

All four of us Sisters really get along.  We all have the same personality!  We are all pretty loud and just like to have fun.

Our district is really cool.  We all hang out together even on our p-days!  We are all sitting around writing our families and laughing at Elder Bingham.

I am waiting for laundry to finish!  Thank heavens because I was running low on "g's".

Sorry that I do not have lots to say yet, but we have done lots of studying, reading, teaching, sleeping and eating.  That about all.

Sorry that I wrote multiple letters that all say the same things.  I would write and then forget where I put the letter or did not have it with me.  That is why I do not have a lot to say.

Send me addresses!  And, snacks!  Well when I get in the field.  Everyone here thinks I eat a lot, but I do not care because I am still skinny... for now!

Send me perfume and skirts!  Other than that I do not need anything.  Besides some mousse, but that is in my room if you will just grab a bottle.

Hopefully I will get to call Tuesday!  Love you all.  The church is true!

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