Have you heard?

Monday, August 26, 2013

It’s been a weird week!
It sounds like there’s a lot happening in the world!
And, I have no clue what's going on!
I guess that happens when you go on a mission!
But, I'm doing good!
I feel so sheltered when people talk the latest song, the latest trends, the cool things to do or the simple things like what’s happening in the world.
I just want to be like…
…have you heard about the latest in The Book of Mormon?
Did you hear about the Stripling Warriors recent outcome of battle?
They all listened to their mothers and none of them died!
Oh, have you checked out Samuel the Lamanite?
He tried to post the truth on his wall and they shot arrows at him.
Don’t worry!
They didn't hit him!
Oh man…
…Laman and Lameul...
...they are at again!
What are we going to do with them?
Did you hear about the Angel appearing to Alma the Younger and his BFFs?
He was struck with fear and was in a deep sleep!
Then those Jaredites!
They are all speaking different languages!
If that doesn't show you how important prayer is then I don't know what will!
Oh, don't get me stated on Enos!
He sure knows how to pray.
We all should take some lessons from him!
What about Nephi?
I hear he is building a boat.
That dude is proactive!
Did you know that Lehi's latest dream was about a tree?
I hear the fruit is the bomb-diggity!
We should all start partaking of that stuff!
It's true!
The Book of Mormon trends are off the hook!
One day I will do that to someone!

Yesterday I got to teach two Relief Society lessons and two gospel principle classes.  Our wards keep us busy!  They had us speak in church last week and this coming Sunday we are teaching Relief Society... again!  We are also going to talk to the youth about the blessings of a mission.
A couple a teenagers tried to run me over this week.  They chased me and my companion on our bikes in their car until we finally made it onto the sidewalk.  Then they yelled some pretty vulgar things.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Their car was in really bad shape!  It kept stalling!  They looked pretty foolish!  I just smiled and said, “Have a great day!”  That's what they get for messing with the Lord's servants!
Another day this week I tried to street contact someone on my bike.  I rode by him and said, “Oh my goodness!  That is a beautiful baby girl you have!” The man replied "Yep.  He’s a boy.”  I apologized and kept truckin' along on good ole' Adelaide.  She got us out of there fast!
Sadly our baptism we had for Saturday got cancelled. 
We are still working with him.
He’s a great kid!
He'll come back around!
There’s my week in a nutshell!
I update about three times a week!
Check out my fun stories there!
Love you all!
Have a great week!

Genealogy I Am Doing It

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One hundred and eighty years ago a mob attacked the Saints in Jackson County Missouri.  At first the Latter-day Saints attempted to avoid direct conflict; however, the beatings of members and the destruction of property eventually led to a battle near the Big Blue River.  Two members of the mob were killed, and the Saints lost Brother Andrew Barber.  A man named Brother Philo Dibble was shot three times in the stomach.  The Saints then had to flee, but because of Brother Philo Dibble's condition they had to leave him behind.  One of his good friends, Brother Newel Knight, snuck past the mob late at night to administer a Priesthood blessing, with miraculous results.  Brother Philo Dibble related:
"Brother Newel Knight came to see me, and sat down on the side of my bed.  I felt the Spirit resting upon me at the crown of my head before his hand touched me, and I knew immediately that I was going to be healed.  I immediately arose and discharged three quarts of blood or more, with some pieces of clothes that had been driven into my body by the bullets.  I then dressed myself and went out doors.  From that time not a drop of blood came from me and I never afterwards felt the slightest pain or inconvenience from my wounds, except that I was somewhat weak from the loss of blood."

Brother Newel Knight met up with him later the next morning crossing the plains.
This is an amazing miracle!
The Priesthood power is real!
It was the faith of both these men that saved the life of Brother Philo Dibble!
What makes this story so special to Sister Christensen and I is that she is the third-great-grand-daughter of Brother Philo Dibble and I am the fourth-great-grand-daughter of Brother Newel Knight. 
Sister Ashcroft, Sister Christensen
Check out your roots and see what your ancestors did for you!

Letters From Salt Lake City West

Dear Ashcroft Family,
We are sending these photos to show you how much Sister Ashcroft is loving her service in our area of West Valley City, and we are loving her and Sister Christensen.
Loving Sister Ashcroft,
[names removed]
 Sister Ashcroft, Sister Christensen
 Sister Ashcroft
 Sister Ashcroft
 Sister Ashcroft
Sister Ashcroft

Letters From Salt Lake City West

Dear Ashcroft Family,
Good afternoon, it's July 22 and very hot in West Valley City, my wife is with your daughter and her companion on a split visiting some families in our ward.  Your daughter told me it would be ok if I related an experience they had last week.  The missionaries have a study period and they were together studying the "Our Heritage" book in chapter four when they noticed a name of Philo Dibble, and sister Christensen said "he is my forth great grandfather".  As they read further it reported he was shot by a mob, three times in the stomach, then they read where Newel K Knight gave his friend Bro Dibble a healing blessing and your daughter said "he is my third great grandfather".  The shooting was in July 23, 1833 - 180 years ago almost to the day.  That those two men were friends and now that these two missionaries who did not know each other three weeks ago have such a common bond is wonderful.  My heart fairly jumped when they told us.  I suspect there are crowds of cheerleaders watching from heaven as these two great missionaries have a common bond.  Her P day in on the 24 and I am sure she will give you more details.  Thanks for letting her come to this area.  It is very hot and we will watch out for them.

[name removed]