My Bike's Name Is Goliath

Monday, April 29, 2013

The bike story...
...goes something like this.

On Thursday we finally cracked out the bikes.  Let me just say how hard it is to ride a bike in a skirt!  Anyways... we have boy bikes, which are way too big for me.

I am pretty sure my bike belonged to Goliath!

It is that BIG and the handle bars are to the ground so I look like Mowglie {think The Jungle Book} riding my bike.

We get started down our street.  I was wearing a longer skirt so it kept getting caught on the pedals.  Eventually I lost my patience and tucked my skirt into my spandex.

I had decided to wear my hair in a big-side-messy-bun so my helmet would not stay straight.  It kept covering my right eye.  It was pretty bad.  My companion was in front of me and of course once I get my balance and I am riding good someone has to come and talk to us.  Do to my lack of vision my companion stopped right in front of me and I noticed last minute and quickly learned that my bike does not have brakes.

Do not worry!
I was able to dodge her with my master-dodging-skills but I almost ran into a tree.

We are just a pedalin' away and we come to our three-way intersection and I almost ran out into traffic because my breaks are worthless.
We push the signal button to cross and we wait...
... and wait...
...and wait some more!

Let me just say that I was in so much pain! 

My bike is huge and my tip toes were barely touching the ground and then being in a skirt makes it even harder.  I could not bare the pain of stradling a bike anymore so I decided to hike one leg up and put my weight on my other leg.  I know the cars were laughing at me because I felt like a dog peein'.  It did not help that a pole just happened to be in the perfect spot.

Finally we get our signal {just so you know I am laughing so hard right now} to walk.
And, {bwahahahahaha'in} Sister Muldowney is in front of me and I hear some unpleasant clicking noises!

I looked at her and she is just'a pedaling has hard she could.  And well, her chain fell off right in the middle of the intersection.

You know on Tom & Jerry where Tom is running really fast, but not moving?  Yep!  That is what Sister Muldowney looked like.

I am cracking up and the cars around us are dying with laughter.
She jumps off and pushes her bike through the intersection.  I have no idea why, but I jumped off my bike too.

I should not have!

I totally forgot about being "modest".  I swing my leg over and off the bike and I start to move fast because we have like ten seconds before our signal is up.

My skirt got wrapped around my seat and I nearly ate it, hard core! I could not get my skirt off my seat.

I am walking like an idiot to the end of the intersection with my skirt tied around my bike.  I am so thankful I wore spandex because my skirt was not covering anything!

Those people at the intersection had of been laughing hard!
It was so funny!

We get to the sidewalk and I still cannot get my skirt off my seat.  My companion cannot fix her chain and my stupid helmet kept covering my eyes. 

It was a pretty rough experience.  I seriously laughed for hours.  We ended up pushing our bikes the entire day!

There is our funny story of the week!
Hope you enjoy!
Love you all!

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  1. May I just say, for your next P-day go buy some brake pads!, or I'll come give them to you!!! Don't want my favorite cousin to severely hurt!!

    ***Just don't do what I did and endo(front wheelie) you & your bike into the middle of an intersection by doing an impulsive emergency braking of the front wheel(resulting in the locking of the wheel). Therefore causing you fly off your bike and grind your hands across the pavement as you brace for impact. All because you had some silly person in a car cut you off and you didn't want to hit them.*** :) Well enjoy though!