What Now Fools?!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I just got back from the Saturday Session of conference and I am pretty darn proud of myself.  I managed to watch all of conference, in church clothes, on a Saturday!  First time ever in the history of Kourtni!  But… I really did not have a choice in the MTC.  Ha!  Oh!  And I actually paid attention!  Okay well the first half hour of the first session I played tic-tac-toe with Elder Bingham but then I decided to listen and take notes because I was intrigued by Sister Dalton's talk.  Anyways I am still proud of myself.  I think the Lord really does bless me serving, because I cannot remember one time that I have watched conference and listened.  Seriously Mom and Dad it is a miracle!  My Heavenly Father love me.  Ha…
So I was in the second session being a good little diligent missionary taking my notes and paying close attention, and then all of a sudden it is over!  That was the fastest two hours of my life!!!
But I still have all of tomorrow so hopefully it will go even faster…
I really enjoyed David A. Bednars talk about sin and how forgiving our Heavenly Father is!  And then Russell M. Nelson’s talk on becoming a more worthy missionary!  And to become a really good one really does start from the center of home.  That is how I became a missionary.  I learned the gospel in the walls of my home, from pretty bomb parents!  And grandparents!  Whoop!  Whoop!
What I have realized from my mission is that it is preparing me to become a mom {I still cringe at the thought of children!}.
But it is really important for the Elder’s here to marry a returned missionary.  I think that is why the age was changed for girls (well one reason why) because of how scary the world is becoming, and how easy it is for the youth to fall away, but I believe with both parents who served a mission a family can have double the amount of blessings!
Yeah, that is right!  I am going to have bomb children.  All because their momma served a mission!!! What now fools?!  Ha!  If you can’t tell I still have not really humbled myself yet… yikes!
M. Russell Ballard talked about how God has given the greatest power to men and women.  Power to pro-create and the power of the Priesthood is what makes a home centered on Christ.  Because every home should be centered on Christ, I just really believe the gospel blesses families.  I have never realized how much it has blessed our family.  We gave a lesson on the plan of salvation and it made me remember when Grandpa Ashcroft died.  I really regret not getting closer to him, and when he died I was only a Freshman, and it really tore me up inside.  But when Papa Ollie died it was sad, but it was easier because I had a much better understanding of the plan of salvation.
But in reality it is not a devastating situation!  They have met our Heavenly Father, and they are in the spirit world teaching the gospel to those who have never had the opportunity before.
So really it is a blessing.  When we did an endowment session Thursday I could actually feel Grandma and Grandpa Ashcroft and Papa Ollie there with me.
It was just six months ago the age for missionaries changed and it was a blessing to me.  My life has changed so… much in the past few months, and I have a better future ahead of me.

...I forgot I was writing a letter, because I had to stop writing for class or something.  So… not real sure what I was going to say in the rest of the letter.

So… love you lots.

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