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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today has been quite the day!  I woke up more tired than usual and was running pretty late.  Today has been so… long!  We had new in-field orientation, oh my heck, the LONGEST seven hours of my life!!!  It was for all the missionaries leaving next week!  And we just went back and forth from two classrooms learning boring stuff.  I was asleep through most classes so I cannot really tell you what I learned.  Plus I got to leave for like twenty minutes during one class because the nurse needed to see my shot record.  Greatest twenty minutes of my life!!!  Okay, well maybe I exaggerated a little too much, some of the classes were not too bad, but sitting in a chair for seven hours is uber uncomfortable.

Then we had dinner, they told us to wait till 6:05 to eat, but our district was starving so we went early and had some good ole’ pizza.  I had an orange Fanta as my drink and some hair got into it somehow so I pushed it aside.  And goofy Elder Bingham thought it was empty and was going to dump my tray.  So he went for my drink, but put his cup in mine and it was still super full so orange Fanta splashed outside the cup and all over my skirt.  Good thing I am a nice person and do not get mad easy!  I just laughed, he laughed pretty hard to, then he apologized.

Then we came to our district class for personal study and I was writing some scriptures down and my pen {brand new pen} exploded all over me!  Ruined my pink polk-a-dot shirt and it was stained onto my neck and face.  My fingers are blue too!!!  So I figured since I was drenched in orange Fanta and blue ink it was time to change my outfit.  Sister Joseph and I ran back to the room and changed.  She managed to fall asleep within the five minutes in our room.

When we got back we found out we had “TRC” which be believed was cancelled so we did not prepare a lesson.  So we showed up late to our appointment.  Good thing the people ahead of us went over time.  We taught a funny old man.  Half way through the lesson I did not think he was a member, lots of investigators come so we never know who we are teaching and if they are members, non-members, actors, in-actives, etc., but then I spotted his “g’s”!

Anyways he was a good actor and asked some hard questions.  I think sisters bring a sweet Spirit cause the Elders in front of us said he was nice, but stubborn and tried to get them off topic.  Not us sisters though.  He was totally interested.  We taught him about Joseph Smith, the plan of salvation, that God is our loving Heavently Father, the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost.  Oh!  I also taught him how to pray… although I forgot his name in my prayer and said, “Please bless Brother……{long pause}……Investigator.”  Ha!  Sister Joseph started to chuckle a bit, but it was a good lesson for how unprepared it was.

It is amazing how the Spirit tells you what to say.  Gotta love that trusty ole’ Spirit!  Anyways, even though it has been a boring, long, rough day the church is still true!  And sometimes that is all that matters in the end.  All is well in Zion!  Ha!  I really do crack myself up sometimes!  Peace out!

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