Shattered Windows

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey guys!  

You know the drill.  No responding back to this email.
Welp!  I will keep it short because of time!
I am doing good.  It has been a really great week.  The online stuff is the best!  I think I have friended most of you.  As long as you guys promise not to chat, comment, post, etcetera on my wall, I can add you.  I have to put you guys under a do-not-show-thing, so anything you post will not show up on my end.
On Sunday we had a Missionary Devotional.  They are amazing!  The music is wonderful, and yes, they have me sing the choir.  We do five songs {one in Spanish}, watch a few mormon messages, people share life experiences & testimonies and then President Swain sums it up with a few words.  It is about an hour long, but they are amazing.  The music is mind blowing!
If I could trust you guys I would say come to one and sit in the back so I cannot see you, but I know you all a little to well.  

We do them once a month and they are just amazing and a lot of fun.  Afterwards we have some fun booths set up.
It is when our whole mission gathers and I got to see Sister Joseph!
It was was pathetic...
...we had a 'movie scene' moment!

We spotted each across the chapel...
...we took off running into each others arms!

She made me sing Soprano and told me just to the mouth words or else the windows might shatter.  We crack each other up!  We had all the missionaries laughing at us.  We get pretty goofy together.  I miss her like crazy!  I hope we are companions one day.  There are only twenty girls in my mission and half of them are Spanish speaking so there is a good chance we will be together again.
Sister Joseph is probably the funniest person I have ever met!
I have done really good this week.
I have had lots of fun.
The mission is great.
I love you all and I hope you are doing good.

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