Spelling Is Not My Forte

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How's it back in good ole' NM?  

Sorry it has taken me forever to write.  I just literally have no time.  We wake up at 6:30.  Class at 7:00.  Go to our rooms at 9:30.  And in bed by 10:30.  I usually start a letter, but my roomies flip off that light early.  Ugh!  So I have just a few minutes to write you.  First of all I leave the MTC on Tuesday.  I've been sleeping fine, but I drug up pretty good.  I have enjoyed the MTC so far.  I am ready to leave.  I am constantly running from class to class to study.  The food is pretty gross, but when you are starving you eat it.  I will say I am really tired.  I have a pretty amazing district and zone, most of my district is going to Nashville.  Our district leader is the spitting image of Tim (besides blonde hair, blue eyes) but talks, acts, laughs, etc. like Tim.  He loves hunting, not super social, and wants to become an anstizeologist {cannot spell}.  Ha!  It is pretty funny how much they are alike.  I do have a really good district.  

I love my companion!  Her name is Sister Joseph.  She is from New Zealand {I thought Dad would appreciate that}.  She has a sweet accent.  She is very loud, loves to sing at the top of her lungs... everywhere we go.  She has the strongest testimony ever!

Okay so she has this thing where she is super touchy!  She gives me a hug every two seconds.  She will link arms with me and grab my hand or lean on me.  Ha!  Uh... she asked me why I am always stiff as a board whenever people get close.  So I told her, "I do not like being touched!"  Yeah... she laughed at me and said, "Get used to it!"  She is pretty funny.  She said she is going to teach me how to love and show compassion for others because I am pretty emotionless.  When I do show emotion or cry I hide.  Ha!  Wonder where I got that from!  So everyone we meet or teach she makes me hug them.  {Not a fan!}  Ha!  When I return home I will have more of an emotional side {maybe}.

We work really well together.  We totally rocked our first lesson!  We were pretty amazing, but then the Lord humbled me real fast in my next lesson.  Oh!  I do not have much patience.  Oh!  I do not like showing affection to everything that moves.

I have to get going.  I am still not sure why I am here, but I know I am supposed to be.  I love you very much!  I miss you guys.  I am doing great so do not worry!

Although I could use some care packages.  Maybe send me some perfume and my skirts.  Some food!  Send me Pringles!  My blue lace dress.  Oh!  I loved the gatorade.  I miss Coke.  I have been drinking tons of water.

I wish I could write more, but I have to leave.  Send me everyone's addresses.  Heslops, Tims, Mallorys, Kristys, Gerts, etc.  Tell everyone I miss them and to write me.

PS.  All the other letters in this envelope, just pass them out, and if the church is true you will not read them.

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