Safe And Sound

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well I made it safe and sound!  I feel pretty yucky!  The flight from home to Denver was miserable.  I do not do well in small planes, had some cla-sta-phobia going on, not to mention I already had a head cold and the pressure from the plane made it worse!  I thought my head was going to explode!  The flight was also bumpy the whole way there. Ugh!  To say the least I thought I was dying.  I nearly hurled everywhere.

Oh!  And all those old men who were nice at the airport were pretty sweet men.  They watched out for us and they were mostly members.  A lot of them were temple workers.

Anyways!  My first day has been a blur!  I love it so much.  :)  I love my companion.  Her name is Sister Joseph.  She is from Auckland, New Zealand.  She has a super cool accent and is full of energy and very outgoing.

Well I wish I could write more, but I do not have lots of time left before bed.

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