History In The Making

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have you heard about the historical event?

Are you going to go to the Leadership Training on June 23?  

Everyone in my mission is super excited for it and we are all making guesses as to what the "historical event" is going to be!

We have guesses from…
...the lost Book of Lehi has been found to
the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel are being revealed and then my guess that
John the Beloved and the 3 Nephites reveal themselves!

Some missionaries are guessing that they are changing the length of time that missionaries serve.

We have some crazy guesses!
I am sure we are all wrong — but hey — we can have fun guessing!

Apparently it is going to be huge!  It is two hours long and all missionaries are required to attend.  People in leadership positions and church members are invited and I was told that wards across the world are supposed to be watching it.  That means people are going to be attending at weird times and some will even have to change the hours of church.  

We are all so excited to hear what it is!

We just keep hearing that it will be historical!

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