Full Moon

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things are changing...
...I am moving tomorrow.

My new address is:
Sister Kourtni Ashcroft
4665 West 3277 South
West Valley City, UT 84120

Apparently the Elders apartment is infested with mice so they are moving into our apartment.  Our apartment really is too big for us anyways.  We are moving just around the corner into a huge beautiful home!

We have this amazing shower!
Big rooms!
And, a piano!

It is even bigger then our current place but the Sister who owns it is single so only Sisters can live there.  I was really bitter about moving but then I saw my new home!  I think I am going to be okay!  I will miss the ping pong table though!

Sister Brighton is so much fun!
She reminds me a lot of Kristy!
She has this huge house all to herself.
And, she goes with us to lessons.

I am still not recovering well from the bike accident so we called the doctor and he prescribed me muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory.  I think I got whiplash because my neck has been so out of whack the past few weeks.  I wanted to go to the quacker-practer, but they had me call the Mission Doctor first.  I am feeling better.  Sister Swain gave me a massage and a back-rub and she said that I had all kinds of knots in my neck and back.

My mission is so cool!  You know the district videos?  My mission is going to be filmed!  They have already filmed a few companionships.  Sister Joseph was one of them and she was not happy about it.  She is in the companionship that is testing the iPads.

There is a big missionary fireside on June 23 and it is supposed to be huge!  Sister Joseph will be in the videos. I kinda hope I am too.  It is weird to be teaching a lesson and have someone filming it but it is way cool.

Thanks for sending me the backpack.  It so much better than then my shoulder bag.  I have to be careful when I fling it onto my back!  Yesterday it hiked my skirt up so everything was showing.  Thankfully it was a day that I picked to wear a slip.  No one told me my skirt was hiked up!  I walked around for about ten minutes in the church talking to everyone!  Finally sweet Sister Leortscher came and pulled it down for me.  I have struggles!

I have to go...
...my ride is here to take me to the P-day building!

Things are great!
The church is true!

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