Missionary Chicks

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This week has not been super exciting, just super busy!
I will share my week with some highlights... 
All the kids in the neighborhood think we are the coolest ever.  They walk with us all the time and call us Missionary Chicks!
We went to teach a family and when we got out of the car we heard one of the boys yell, "Mom!  The Mormons are coming!"
A man that we are trying to reactivate told me he would come to church if I would give him a piggy back ride.  Yeah, things got awkward! 
Utah drivers are the worst drivers in the world!  I am pretty sure that they do not know what a stop sign is.  I was almost hit twice in the same day — within a five minute period — because people do not know how to stop.
I rode Goliath right into Sister Muldowney because I have bad breaks.  She was trying to avoid getting hit by a car.  A car that did not stop at a stop sign. 
We had an interesting conversation with a Pastor.  He kept telling us, "Do not worry Sisters, God still loves you."  Good thing Sister Muldowney can keep her cool because I had to bite my tongue.  I gave him a nice smile and said, "Have a nice day!" and then sang I am a Child of God as we walked away.
I got the chance to talk to an anti-mormon online.  As missionaries, we can see what people are typing before they send it to us and we could see that she was copying and pasting everything from an anti-mormon website.  She told us to go read the Bible and learn a thing or two from it.  I told her that we have read the Bible and encouraged her to read the Book of Mormon.
The Lord is really trying to teach me patience!
We had a dinner appointment with a family. We arrived and the kids were home but did not know where their parents were.  Oops!  They forgot they were feeding us.  That was okay, but our house was clear on the otherside of our area.  It was about a twenty minute walk home.  We had a lesson at six and the lesson location was an even further walk.  Needless to say, it was a rough day.  My patience was wearing thin.  I said a silent prayer to help me with my lack of patience and asked Heavenly Father for help to relax.  Guess what?!  The Lord put someone in my path who talked forever and we made it home ten minutes before our appointment.  We all know I am not happy a happy person when I am hungry!  We warmed up corn dogs and was on our way!  It ended up being a really good night and the person was wonderful and hopefully we have some luck with her family.  
It was a crazy, busy, hard week but the church is still true!
I love my mission and love you all!

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