Bike: 1 Sister Ashcroft: 0

Monday, May 13, 2013

Here is the knee you all have been waiting to see... really hurts and I still cannot bend it.

Bike: 1
Sister Ashcroft: 0

 I was finally able to trade Goliath with Elder McNeil's bike.  Elder McNeil had a girl's bike while I had a boy's bike; Goliath.  The new bike is older than the dinosaurs and it was a scary bike.
We get started on our way and the gears start changing all by itself.  Uuhh, I did not know that so I started pedaling faster and the chain stops and then the pedals stop whenever it changes gears. The first time it happened it was really funny, because my shoe went flying off.
The second time...
...not so funny.
We just crossed the street and was in a neighborhood and a car was behind us so we started pedaling to the other side of the road.  As I picked up speed the same thing happened; chain stops and pedals stop.  My feet flew off the pedals and my bag of bricks {Book of Mormons} flung to the side and made me lose my balance.  Then my tire went straight into a manhole that had broken pavement around it and it stopped my front tire in its place.
The car behind me stopped and told us that I flew over the handle bars because I have no recollection of what happened.  I have decided that I must be a pretty good missionary because I got hardly got any road rash.  Heavenly Father was watching out for me!  Or else my hurdler's instinct came in and I knew how to roll so I would not get road rash.
Maybe it was a little of both!

I felt pretty dumb because I had people see me from the road and they turned around to come to my rescue.  The first guy was ready to call the ambulance.  It was thoughtful of him but I said no.  Then another person tried to give us a ride.  I wanted to take him up on the offer but since he was a he it would be breaking mission rules.  We pushed our bikes {very slowly} to the church.

I seriously have never felt so much pain from my knee ever!
After all the hurdles I have hit in my life, nothing has hurt as bad at that this little bike accident.

My knee is still pretty swollen and I cannot bend it much. My hip pops every time a take a step and I think I pulled something in my other knee too. The muscle in the back feels like it is constantly being pulled and my entire body is super sore.

Other than that I am doing good!
I will not be riding a bike for awhile.  My poor companion has to walk to super slow for me.  We have not made it to a single appointment on time since the accident.
I love you all!

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