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Friday, June 7, 2013

How is Grandma Gert doing?
Let me know how everything goes.
Call President Swain with an update if you need to.
Tell Gert I love her!

It has been a crazy week!

We just got back from Walmart and a sweet lady bought us McDonalds!
 And, I saw Sister Joseph!

…I am getting a new Sister tomorrow,
so I am going to be in a trio!

There are a lot of missionaries being moved around so Sister Joseph will not be in my zone anymore.  I am so sad!  My new Sister had been sent home for medical leave and she wants to finish out her mission so they are going to send her to Salt Lake City West.  It is because we are the best mission ever!  Our mission is full of missionaries like that.  We have tons of visa waiters, trial missionaries and service missionaries. 


I need a bike...
...by Tuesday!  A vintage bike!
Is anyone coming to Utah this weekend?
If not, I may just have you guys ask Lisa to bring me her bike.
I need a helmet too!
Touch base with President Swain or the Brickey's for drop-off at the Peachwood building.

…I would love a soccer ball!

And, packages!
Feel free to send me packages!
Write me letters!
Lots of letters!
I am not in the filming area but with some recent changes to our mission, I do not think they are filming right now.  It has just been crazy.  Lots of switching around so I doubt the video will be ready. Who knows, it might be but I do not think so.

I should be getting off of the computer and clean up!
I am ready for some P-day time!
I think we are playing soccer or volleyball today!   

The Elder that I raced has been avoiding me since the accident.  I am going to corner him at the P-day building and go Batman status on him!

I asked Sister Wilson if she thinks that I am too competitive?
She just laughed.
She laughs at everything I say.
She and Sister Muldowney think I am the funniest person ever!

I promise to make wiser choices this week!

Talk to you next Monday!
Have a great and safe week!
Love you lots!

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