Oh, Sweet Adelaide

Monday, June 17, 2013

I haven't written an email in a while!  Serving the Lord keeps me really busy!  Crazy things have gone on this week!

Some highlights of my week.

As most of you know, I ran into my Mom this week.  Super awkward!  I've apologized for "slightly" raising my voice at her and pretending like I didn't know who she was.

I told President Swain about my race with Elder Goober.
I didn't get in trouble.
He laughed, but he also told me never to do it again.

Do you remember that really big fireside that I've been talking about?!  Well it's not as exciting as I'd hoped for.  It's still way cool though!  My mission is spoiled and we got to know ahead of time what's so historical.  I still can't tell any of you!

On the twenty-fifth of this month I get to go to Provo and teach Mission President's, their wives and General Authorities about Facebook!  Ten companionships were chosen from my mission and I'm one of them!  I'm doing Facebook teaching, some Elders & Sisters who have iPads are doing training on them and some other things.  It's pretty cool!  It's called the Mission President's Seminar.

Everyone loves my bike!  Geez!  Everyone rides their bike up next to me and asks, "How much will you sell if for?!"  I just say that it's not for sale but they keep following me!  The Elders say it's like riding on a cloud because the seat is so nice. I think more people have ridden my bike then I have!  Every single Elder takes it for a ride ALL. THE. TIME.

I named her {the bike} Adelaide!

I did a lot of service projects this week!  One of them was cleaning the Elders' home.  Oh my gosh!  That's the most disgusting thing that I've ever done in my whole entire life!  There was black mold everywhere! They were moving out so that the church can refurbish them.  Ugh!  They were gross!

We have this kid we are teaching.  He's about fourteen.  All day long I felt like we needed to go see him.  We went over and he was not home. We went over another time and he was not home. Then the third time we saw him.  He was on the sidewalk and we talked with him. I asked him to baptized and he said YES! That was such a crazy experience!

I have lots more stories, but I don't have much time!
I'll try next week to write more!
Love and miss you all!

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