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Monday, June 24, 2013

My week's been crazy!

I get to go to the Missionary Training Center {MTC} tomorrow.
I’m so excited and so nervous at the same time!

Sister Wilson’s going shopping today for clothes.  They're so strict with our clothing that it's crazy!  The lady who's in charge of the missionary clothing standards came down and talked to all of the girls.  She told us that no one could wear what they had on that day.  I thought I had a cute vintage outfit on!

Transfers are coming up next Tuesday.
I hope that I stay in this area.
I don't want to leave.

Monday’s the one-year anniversary of the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission {my mission} being opened.  We’re going to party!

You won't hear from me again until next Thursday!
Thursday will be our p-day because of the Holiday!

On Saturday we had a Missionary Blitz.  We knocked on every single door in our ward.  We recruited some missionaries and ward members to help us.  Each missionary was tagged up with a couple of ward members and we went and updated the records of the ward.  I’m so glad we're not a tracking mission.  I went with our senior couple missionaries {Elder and Sister North} and it was hard work!  It’s not my favorite thing to do!

I watch a hoarder crawl out his window!
I did what any normal missionary would do!
I cornered Him and shared the Gospel!
Go me!

This past week, we had exchanges so Sister Alegria came to my area for the day!  We had so much fun!  We taught a lot of people on the streets.  In my neighborhood, everyone acts like they don't speak English, but they really do. They are always like, “Habla no English!”  Especially this one guy!  Sister Alegria is from Honduras and speaks Spanish!  We're going down the street and I went up this guy and started talking to him.  Each time that I bring up the Gospel he says "Sister! I told you!  Habla no English!"  I told him, "Don't worry!  Hermana Alergria Habla Espanol!" 

His face was priceless!
Sister Alegria taught him the whole first lesson!
She purposely made it a long lesson!
I just sat there smiling from ear-to-ear!

I’m in a really fun district!
We get along really well!
Everyone thinks I’m a violent person!
Not sure why!
They asked me if I was the girl in high school that made fun of people and got into fights!
They also think that I’m too competitive so no one will challenge me to anything!
They're just scared!

My poor companion is such a trooper!  I don’t know why but she puts up with me!  I like to embarrass her, especially at dinner tables or in meetings. I'll say something to make her laugh, because when she laughs she stops breathing.  When we are at the dinner table I’ll ask her awkward questions like, "Why were you crying last night?"  She laughs and then she stops breathing.  If we're near an Elder I'll say, "So what kind of dream were you having about Elder {so-and-so} last night?”  If I don't like the food we are eating, I always put it on her plate when the people aren't looking.

She laughs at everything I say!
I sing really loud when we are riding our bikes!
I play marco-polo with her!
I do funny dances!
It's great!

President Swain talked in one of our wards yesterday.  He talked about how we need to talk to everyone.  I told Sister Wilson that I needed to work on being more bold and outgoing as a missionary.  I was totally serious and she said, “Please don’t!”  Sister Wilson had to talk too.  That was my fault though.  The Bishop called and was talking to me about speakers and some other things, so I volunteered Sister Wilson to speak in church!

I’m off to a birthday party for Elder North!
I made the pies!
Banana cream and key lime cheese cake!
Sister Wilson also thinks that I’m a pretty good cook! 
I made her mega tacos, steak sandwiches and nachos!

I better get going!

Pray for me tomorrow!
Pray that I won't make a fool out of myself in front of the big dogs; Mission Presidents', their spouses, Quorums of the Seventy and {Possibly! Eeks!} Quorum of the Twelve Apostles!
I’m so excited!

I love you all!
Thanks for all your guys support!
The church is true!
I am having a blast!

I'll write you all next week and tell you how everything went!

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