A New Ward

Monday, November 11, 2013

This week! We are now in charge of 3 wards. The new Ward loves us Sisters :)

So, here was our fantastic Sunday-
7:30- Ridgeland Ward Council 
8:30- Memorial Ward Council
(Time for Splits)
9:00- Colony Ward Council 
9:00- Ridgeland Ward Sacarment meeting. 
10:00- Sunday School 
11:00- Relief Society 
11:00- Colony ward Sacrament meeting
12:00 Sunday School (we're finally together)

We taught Sunday School. The Lesson was Eternal Marriage. It was so difficult, since I have no experience at all. I soley relied on the Spirit.
1:00- Young Womens
1:00- Memorial Ward Sacrament 
2:00-Sunday School 
3:00- Young Womens/ Relief Society
Church ends at 4
4:30- Missionary Stake Meetings
5:00- Dinner

Then it was walking in the cold for the nest 3 hours, trying to make visits to people you missed at church.

Sunday's are so busy! I will never complain about going to a church meeting again!

But Sunday's are my most favorite days!

There are days out here in the mission field where you are just so happy! Everything is perfect! You love your mission, and it's the greatest thing in the world!
Then you have days where you are ready to go home. You hate it. Your sad and home sick. You just want to give up, and go home, because that's the easier way out. You keep asking yourself is this even worth it?

Sometimes those days can turn into more days and then turn into weeks. Before you know it, you have lost all desire to serve.
Just when you think you can't take anymore The Lord sends you a blessing.
It might be a "golden" investigator, or someone you have been working with prayed for the first time, or a letter from a family member.

Whatever it is, it makes almost everything go away!

The Lord sometimes doesn't let us know what to do. Sometimes He has us fail. A lot. Sometimes you feel like He has totally forgotten about you, but when reach your breaking point and turn to The Lord He lifts you back up!

Sometimes He has to let us feel miserable, to see how strong we are, and then show us how strong we can be.

Those bad days are going to come, we can't avoid them, but there are good days to come too! We just have to rely on The Lord to give us one.
I love this Gospel. It's true.
I love you all very much!

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