A Sister's Challenge

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello everyone!

Happy Early Turkey Day!

I have so many Thanksgiving dinners this week!
I'm going to explode...
...but, it will be lots of fun!

The videos I sent are called "sister challenges."  I made up a game in the house.  You pick a Sister and shout "Sister's Challenge!" and then you give them a challenge.  Normally, I'm the boss at challenging all the Sisters.  

I challenged Sister Muldowney to eat a dead fish...
...she ate it like a champ!

Then she turned around a challenged me. 

I gagged it like a champ!

I did this in front of twenty'ish missionaries.  We were having a zone lunch and the Elders brought Saridean {my spelling has not improved}.

Yesterday I talked in two wards.  One ward was a missionary farwell. We ran out of time, and I went like 5 minuets over so Sister Porter was thrilled to only have to bare her testimony and sit down.  Then we talked in another ward, and yes I used the same talk. This time Sister Porter went first... she talked for like 5 minuets. She left me with 35 minuets to talk! Wonderful, right?!

Yep, I manage to elborate {how ever you spell that word} really good! So, by the time I was over there was about 5 minutes left.
Then someone from the Bishopric stood up and took up the rest of the time.
Well, that was my week in a nutshell. I love this ward so much! I want to stay here, so keep me in my your prayers that I should stay in the Granger South area :) Ha, it's been a blast!
My mission is so much fun, and it's super crazy hard! But I love it so much!
I can't believe I hit my 8 months mark this week, I'm almost half way there!
Man, does time fly by!

Well, I have to go buy some groceries.
I love you guys all soo much!!!

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