Too Exhausted to Write

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Well, this letter will be crazy short.

1) I'm too tired to write
2) I can't think of anything too exciting
3) I'm being lazy.

So, it's just another week!  I am still preaching the word of God.  I haven't been sleeping well. The past two nights I kept waking up with minor stomach pains.  It is totally made me exhausted.

So Highlights of the week,

I broke my companion name plate.  Our ward mission leader makes them. They just say Sister Ashcroft or whoever you are.

Well Sister Porter's was sitting on her dresser and I knocked it off and broke the "s" so, I now call her, "ISTER PORTER"...

We had a sister spend the night for exchanges and she wanted soup so I made her some Tomato soup with milk... Oops, turns our she is highly allergic to milk.... my bad. 

I really love this area I serve in, I hope I stay here forever!!!!

The People are sooo nice to us, and they spoil us.

Utah is making me fat! I went to the DI today to buy new skirts, because nothing is fitting me any more, and the stuff that does fit, well Sister Joseph has stolen because nothing fits her either.

I was surprise to find some cute skirts there! I hit grandma Jack Pot!
Well, I have to get off! I will write a letter and send it in the mail! I'll try to make that letter more exciting.
Keep me in your prayers! I'm having a blast, but a mission is so hard!!!!!

I love you guys and really miss you all so much!

Have a great week!

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