Monday, September 16, 2013

West Valley City’s grand!
It's still the same!
We finally got rain this week!
It's been great!

A week of scares!
On Tuesday we went to go visit Wanda.
Wanda’s a 92-year-old lady who looks and acts like she’s 60-years-old.
She is always up and about.
Monday night she had a little Vertigo spell and fell and broke a few ribs.
We went to go visit with her.
Her daughter, Bonnie, fixed us lunch so we were eating, talking and laughing.
For whatever reason I was staring at the window and all of a sudden a huge black bird flew right into the window!
It was so funny!
It was like one of those Windex commercials.
Now get ready for the funny story of the week!
We were in the church doing our online stuff and my companion needed to use the restroom.
…I followed her into the restroom!
I wanted to scare her so I set my iPad up to record her and hid in a little alcove in the corner.
I waited quietly for her to come out of the stall.
I hear the toilet flush, the sink turn on…
…and I was ready.
I see her shadow coming around the corner and I lunged myself out at her!
I grabbed her!
I shook her!
I roared, “RAWR!” as loud as I possibly could!
…it would have really been funny if it had been my companion.
It was a complete and totally stranger!
She did not find humor in it at all.
She slammed herself against the wall and was so terrified that she couldn't even speak.
Her eyes filled up with tears.
I apologized profusely and she squeaked out an, “It’s okay.” and pushed me to the side.
She walked out of the bathroom almost in tears.
Then my companion walks out of the stall and stares at me like I’m crazy.
I try and act cool and ask her if she heard anything...
…she replied, "I heard it all!"
I died laughing!
So my ‘jimmy cricket’ really got to me and I deleted the video.
The lady saw that I had recorded the whole thing.
Oh my gosh!
I felt so bad!
What I learned from this experience is that you always need to check the restrooms before you jump out and scare people because not everyone thinks it’s funny.
My bad.
It really has been a great week though!
We got to hear Sister Wendy Nelson talk!
She’s amazing!
I got to see Sister Joseph!
I sometimes on occasion wear my clothes backwards and inside out and I may or may not attend meetings and teach people without realizing it.
The struggle is real!
A little sweet lady thought she was being shot at when we sitting on her porch visiting with her.
It was just fireworks going off but she was jumping out of her seat ready to take cover.
I won't lie…
…I laughed as hard as I did over the bird flying into the window and Bonnie’s and Wanda’s house!
It's poured this week!
We were stuck in the rain for three hours without umbrellas.
We got a little wet!
I may or may not have — okay I did — fall right to the ground while walking and talking to my companion.
There was another time this week where I was teaching a 9-year-old and I whipped a picture and was explaining it to him and telling him the story behind it.
Awkwardly he said, “Your telling the wrong story."
I was telling him about Noah and his Ark while showing him a picture of Lehi and his family when they were on a boat.
I hate that it gets so dark early in the day.
I hate the dark!
I think everyone’s out to kidnap me.
That’s about it for now!
The work's great!
Follow my missionary blog…
…I'm better at sharing my experiences there!
Being a missionary's fun!
I have met so many wonderful people!
I just love this gospel!
I miss you all!
Thanks for all that you do for me!

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