Tooth Problems :(

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Well, thankfully it really hasn't snowed that much this week. Although snow
is still on the ground.  ALOT is still on the ground.  Blehh....

It's been an exciting week. I have spent the entire week in and out of the
Dentist offices.  Not Fun.  I've had a tooth that has bothered me the
majority of my mission, so I finally couldn't take it anymore and went to
the dentist. It's so nice have a dentist that live right by you, and serving in
his Ward. He was able to help me out.

Well, he took some x-rays and didn't really see anything wrong with my
teeth, but when he put ice on it, I didn't feel a thing. And I have super
sensitive teeth. So, he tested the ice trick on a few other teeth, I about
flew out of my chair. It hurt before he even touch my teeth. I would soooo
much rather get a shot in the mouth, than have him put that 1 million below
freezing stick of ice on my teeth.

Since I didn't feel any ice on my back tooth he assume that it might be a
dead tooth, gross, right? So he sent me to the Endodontist. Well, the
Endodontist did the same thing! Okay, my mouth has been killing me weeks
now and the last thing I want is ice being put on my teeth.

Turns out it is dead, because again I did not feel the ice on my teeth one
little bit.

So, they were ready to do the root canal right then and there. But I was
like I have places to be!  People to see!  And, I think the last thing my
parents want to hear on Monday is that their daughter got a root
canal...HERE'S THE BILL.

I mean either way their getting the bill.  At least this way they have a
heads up :)

Well, I am pleased to announce that I will not be transferred!  I am so
excited about that :)  I just LOVE this area a lot.
So, I will be training again. I have never not trained, since I have
finished my training. Ha, by the end of this transfer I will have 10 months
straight of 12 weeks.  That's alot of 12 weeks.

For those who don't know what 12 weeks is, it's a 12 week training program
 when you first enter the mission field. You and your trainer do it
everyday for the first 12 weeks of your mission. By the way did you guys
catch that this is a 12 week program? I have done it 3 times through all the
way. Yeah, I'm pretty much a pro at it now. I don't even have to look at
the book, I know it like the back of my hand. (totally joking)

So, in Utah they do Hymn-a-mony every so often. The object of the meeting
is kinda like Testimony meeting except it's with songs. Whoever wants to go
to the pulpit gives a ONE sentence testimony about their favorite Hymn, and
then we sing it.

So, I was sitting with a Family who came to church for the first time in
over 15 years. They have a daughter who is 8, and we are pals! She wanted
to sing Far, Far away on Judea's Plain. So, I said maybe someone will pick
that song. She grabbed me and said go tell them I want to sing this! So,
she grabbed my hand walked me up the pulpit, pointed her finger to the
microphone and said "tell them I want to sing this song."
So, I did, and we sang :) She's quite demanding. But the cutest thing ever!

I have been working with the Clark's foster boys for about 6 months, and
we have finally been able to set a baptism date for them.  It is a miracle!
It has been a long process, but Heavenly Father provided away. Even though it
wasn't easy, it was so worth it!

I love that family and those boys soo much!  It has been a crazy week!

I am so excited to Skype for Christmas!  The Holiday's are going to be hard,
but they'll be fun.  We already have so many people who want us to come
over.  I am so excited.

I love you all, and miss you like crazy!!!!

Love, Sister Ashcroft

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