Thursday, May 1, 2014

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Okay, so it's been 2 weeks since I have really wrote, sorry time gets away! 

My Companion--- Sister Greene is from Georgia! She is seriously one of the funniest people I have ever met. She talks…ALOT!  So, we get along just great. 

Snow, is all new to her.  She has never seen it before. So, one day we decided that we would shovel the walks in our little neighborhood circle. Well, I am just working away!  I turn around and see Sister Greene trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue!

 (me) "What are you doing?!"
 (her) " I don't know.  I saw it on a movie!" 

Then we proceed to shovel, okay we actually just proceeded to throw snow at each other with our shovels. Okay, so the snow gets to like a foot or more here! And she kept trying to push me in the snow . So, when she wasn't paying attention I tackled her in the snow, and then grab my shovel and buried her in the snow. I called it "white-washing" 
(yes, pun intended.) 

Caroling and Poles-
So on Christmas Eve we went caroling. It was fun!  We stopped at one of my favorite member's home.  And they have a basketball pole.  I walk up to it and say "who dares me" with my tongue sticking!  Oh, course no one encouraged me to do it. 
So my companion asks, "does your tongue really get stuck"? ... not even 2 seconds later we hear this yelp! "help me"!,  "My tongue is stuck!" okay, it sounded more like "memlp me, mea mounge is muck!" 

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life! This was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I nearly died laughing. 

So, we can't get her tongue off and I'm the nominated one that has to knock on a members home and ask for a cup of hot water. I could not contain myself from laughing, so I finally just pointed to my companion!  And she knew exactly what to do. Except the member's water wasn't heating up real fast, and eventually Sister Greene kept spitting and blowing hot air and her tongue finally came off. There is still a little piece of her tongue stuck on the pole. 

She tells everyone I told her to do it! AND PEOPLE BELIEVE HER!!!!

Ha, so if you hear this story form another source. I am the one telling the truth! 

A little too much- 
Okay, so Utah People are very generous... too generous! I'm pretty sure I have "OD" on the amount of cookies that have been brought to us, along with the fudge, candies, cakes, and candy canes. So, I am a little sugared out. You know after you eat alot of junk food how nothing is appealing, because your just sick of food? Well, that's how it was the week of Christmas! 

We ate dinner with an Investigator, and what they made was really good! I just wasn't that hungry. Well, my companion uses her cunning words and I end up with seconds. That I planned on NOT getting. Well, then of course you can't ever go to a Utah Dinner WITHOUT dessert. It was Homemade Nutella Ice Cream, okay I'll admit it was the bomb-diggity! But I was seriously so full, and sick of food! So, I ate a very small portion. 

You know what my companion does? She grabs my bowel and says "oh, let me get you more!" In her sneaky little voice. I knew exactly what she was up to with that smile of hers. I'm watching in the background and she brings back my plate and it is over flowing with ice cream! Literally, the bowel  was full of ice cream! I give the death glare of all death glares! 

So, you can't be rude and waste all that ice cream. So, I sit there and eat slow bites at at time because I am on the verge of exploding. 

My companion was in for a surprise!  Because I can play back just as good. She excuses her self to go use the restroom! And I take her bowel load it up with Cool Whip and all sorts of toppings. 

Her face was priceless. 

So, we both walked out of that dinner wanting to throw up of UHFOD 
(Utahian Holiday Food Over Dose)

Christmas Day- 
Christmas Day was lots of fun, we ate with our neighbors the Condie's. Brother Condie is the sweetest old man, He and President Monson are cousins and were really close growing up. They still are really close. Sometimes President Monson comes an visit him.  I've never had the chance to see him, but maybe one day while I'm serving here.
 (But, Probably not, that's okay! I can dream :)
They were really sweet to us. They had a huge party! And of course... LOTS of Food. 

I am just so grateful for the Gospel!  My mission has been a huge blessing in my life! It will change me forever, and ever! It's true and that's all there's to it. 

Well, That kinda sums up my week! It's been a pretty busy week, but I love you all so much! And I'll write you all Next Year! 

Love, you so much! 

-Sister Ashcroft

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