Celebration of Christ - Interfaith Christmas Concert

Monday, December 2, 2013

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? 

I ate at two members homes...
...it was so much!
I did so good, I ate really small portions at each home so I was never uncomfortably full.
After that we went and played volleyball with some Polynesians.
Uhm... I almost died! 
They can spike the ball hard!

Yesterday we had our Mission President Devotional.
It was all in Spanish!
It was pretty cool to sing the songs in Spanish. 
I understood the songs... obviously, but I have no idea what the videos talked about or the testimonies.
It was still so cool! 

Elder Arnold from the Seventy was there, as well as his wife. 
I got to meet them and shake their hands!
It was pretty neat!
Those men are so amazing!
It's such a blessing to be a part of this mission and meet as many general authorities as I have so far. 
It's always a great experience!

I got to go to Temple Square on Saturday night.
Man, it was quite an experience!

One of our investigators got tickets to the Celebration of Christ - Interfaith Christmas Concert. 
It was really neat!  

They had BYU Vocal Point, Jenny Oaks Baker and a man named Kevin who is a Seventh Day Adventist who beat boxed and played the cello at the same time. It was amazing! They had a Pastor come and sing and awesome song, they had a Baptist choir.
It was all really cool!

They had a lot more perfomers there, I just can't recall them all. 

Our investigator got the tickets and her son was supposed to come but something happened and he didn't want to come. 
She came and picked us up and said her son was still at home and she can't get him to get ready.
She had me go to the house to talk to him.  
I walked in the house and said, "Daniel! Will you come to Temple Square with me tonight?" 
Two minutes later he was dressed and had a smile on his face. 

We were late.
Our investigator dropped my companion, Daniel and myself off and we went and got seats.
I felt so bad because our investigator couldn't find a spot to park and it took her 40 minutes to get into the program, she watched two performances and then we had to leave 30 minutes early to make curfew. 
I felt so bad...
...she had a great attitude about it!

We briefly got to see the lights on Temple Square.
It's official...
...downtown Salt Lake City is my most favorite place in the world during Christmas time! I just love it! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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